Small Man With No Forearms And One Leg Gets Kicked In The Back So Hard It Sends Him Flying – He Allegedly Dropped ‘N’ Word (Video)

A small handicapped man with no forearms and one leg allegedly dropped the ‘n’ word before a huge black man kicked him in the back as he turns his back to walk away. The kick was so powerful that sent him flying.

But what people don’t reveal s the fact that First, they refuse to help punch him out of the turnstile and then they kick him. An armless man with no means to defend himself.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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If you look at the close-up images from the armless man he also has only one leg:

It looks like he lost his forearms/hands and calves/feet or at least one calf/foot.

It looks like he lost his forearms/hands and calves/feet or at least one calf/foot.

He allegedly calls them the N-word? Let say he did say it. Apparently, if you don’t like what someone says, for whatever reason, you can attack them when their back is turned.

Bonus points if they are disabled and (or) half your size.

Furthermore, if you’re that much triggered over a word that lost its meaning, and feels the need to kick a seriously handicapped person in the back, so hard it sends him flying: you’re a bad person.

The sucker kick on the armless man from behind definitely was an overreaction and may have caused some serious injury. The whole video contains abhorrent behavior.

Mark Van der Veen

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