Images: The Original Tweet That Stated That The US Army Had Raided SCYTL Is From An Account That Share False Information And First Appeared On Nov. 8th On Search

Rep. Louis Gohmert and other sources online are reporting that Scytl, which hosting U.S. elections data Improperly through Spain, was raided by a large US ARMY force & their Servers were Seized in Frankfurt.

The Spanish software company Scytl, which sells election manipulation software worldwide that was used in the USA, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The server for the manipulation was in Germany.
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The story Gohmert is telling. Somebody in Germany is tweeting this but without any actual confirmation from the President/Military.
Louie Gohmert says that somebody tweeted that SCYTL was raided, not that the army confirmed it was. There is no confirmation that SCYTL was raided.
The original Tweet was this, a graphic saying the US Army had raided SCYTL and no other confirmation…being pushed by accounts who seem to be putting out other false information. It seems to start popping up around Nov. 8th on search.

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This account seems to have put out information about “reports from the ground,” and has also been found to have stolen info from others & altered information.

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After Sidney Powell re-tweeted this news it got huge audience on it:

Scytl released a statement calling this story fake news::

Following several erroneous statements that have been published in digital and social media, Scytl would like to clarify the following:

  • The technologies implemented by Scytl in the US are both hosted and managed within the US, by a local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida.
  • We do not tabulate, tally or count votes in the US
  • We do not provide voting machines in the US
  • We did not provide online voting to US jurisdictions for the US elections.
  • We do not have servers or offices in Frankfurt
  • The US army has not seized anything from Scytl in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else
  • We are not owned by George Soros and have never been connected to him
  • We are not tied to Smartmatic, SGO, Dominion or Indra
  • We have no ties with Russia either

SCYTL website crashed shortly after releasing the statement because there is too much traffic which is not good for a site that has the motto “We Power Elections.”

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Our team endorsed President Trump in the 2016 elections and 2020 elections, but we should think again before spreading something like this which could be fake news, especially in the days ahead when real news about voter fraud is expected.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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