ESPN Missed Something Stunning When They Refused to Broadcast the Tribute For Las Vegas Victims… So The Singer Does This Amazing Stuff (Video)

In honor of the victims from the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas recording artist, Kaya Jones pays tribute to “God Bless America.  But ESPN reached the bottom when they decided not to show the national anthem! They think we’ll just forget about all those kneelers disrespecting our country, our flag, anthem, veterans, traditions. It’s a shame that the national anthem can’t be shown because of these overpaid crybabies.

Via Conservative Daily: “The horrific shooting in Las Vegas last week coincided with a firestorm over the protesting of the national anthem. The protesting had led to a huge backlash for sports players and broadcasters. Some broadcast networks are beginning to simply refuse to show the anthem. So it was on “Monday Night Football.” So it was for the University of Las Vegas football game this weekend.

The decision to not broadcast this specific anthem was an unfortunate one or ESPN. This was a moment of unity and solidarity that America should see.

A giant American flag was unfurled on the field by active-duty members of the military.

Platinum recording artist and Second Amendment advocate Kaya sang the anthem as the stadium lit up behind her in twinkling, white light.

At the conclusion, 58 white balloons held by first responders were released into the sky to signify the 58 who perished in the shooting.

The singer was upset that ESPN refused to broadcast the beautiful demonstration. So she broadcast it herself:

Beautiful Kaya. Thank you for sharing. As usual, idiots at ESPN make the wrong choices. Forever disrespectful of the country, the troops, the first responders, and those that lost their lives in Vegas.


Boycott..Boycott..Boycott.. NFL and ESPN! They deserved it!

It is fantastic to see people honored by such tragedies. Pretty pitiful for ESPN for worrying more about their ratings. The national anthem isn’t the problem! It’s the unpatriotic pro football players and ESPN and other stations blocking the anthem that is the real problem!

ESPN…here’s a thought. How about you televise the National Anthem and keep the camera fully focused on our flag until the end. That way you’re respecting our anthem and flag and not giving the kneelers an audience or any recognition.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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