Cities Run By Liberals Shut Down Gun Sales Using The Coronavirus Pandemic As An Excuse

It seems that America is changing a lot after the “Chinese Virus”.

Panic gun buying is taking place in strict gun control states, lines are building outside Gun stores.

The latest video we have comes from California:

But liberals will use this hysteria to push for their globalist agenda, which includes aggressive move on our second amendment rights.

Cities that are run by liberals are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to shut down gun sales.

San Jose, Calif. Mayor Sam Liccardo declared that gun stores were “non-essential businesses,” and they are no longer permitted to stay open during the lock down effective immediately.

“We are having panic buying right now for food,” Liccardo said on Wednesday. “The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns.”

The move to ban gun stores has only made the emergency situation even tenser as panic grips the public. People are worried that they will not be able to defend themselves and their families as the crisis worsen.

“Essential? It’s our right to arm ourselves,” 37-year-old painting contractor Joshua Wolfe said. “Toilet paper is essential, right? People are going nuts for that, right?”

“If they’re short on supplies, they’ll come after people who are prepared,” Wolfe added.

“I’ve seen people fighting over toilet paper. I’m worried what they will do out of desperation,” said 31-year-old San Jose resident J.V. Sumabat.

“When people start looting stores and they don’t have access to food, they could come into the homes of those they feel are vulnerable. I’d rather be prepared,” he added.

But it seems that this isn’t the only city affected by these kinds of policies.

Unconfirmed reports are emerging that the city of Washington D.C. has halted gun sales as well.

Our Constitution is the source of all Government power. That power is established by the people. The people do not get their power from the Government. On the contrary, the Government gets its’ power from the people. But if we don’t stand up and enforce our rights, then the Constitution is merely pieces of useless, yellowed papers, that were once a part of history.

The 2nd Amendment empowers us as citizens to defend our lives, and other’s lives in life and death situations. It rightfully enables us to stop an attacker intent on deadly bodily harm.

The 2nd Amendment grants our right to lawfully carry firearms. Lawful carrying deters crime and reduces violent crime. This has been proven statistically.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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