Video: James Woods Mocks Young Bernie Sanders’ Supporter As She Melts Down Over Thought of Bernie Losing

Bernie, Fake News, the new Socialist Democrats, and Socialist bad educators turned many of our youth into swamp zombies aka Bernies Army. Unless they are cured the will destroy this great Republic called the USA.

The young army that the communist has gathered is dangerous.

Bernie Sanders does not care about America or the American People. One only needs to read about him, his political views and his views in general to know this!!! Yet, time is wasted by hate-filled Democrat supporters trying to find dirt on President Trump instead of really paying attention to the candidates and what they are saying and doing!!

In the meantime, he brainwashed an entire generation of young Americans.

A viral video that surfaced recently is another proof that Bernie’s influence wasn’t good.

A girl crying hysterically, in a video that went viral, over presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is racking up likes, retweets, and comments on Twitter. In the upper half of the video, is a description that says, “my mom recorded me having a meltdown because I just want Bernie to win.” In the lower half of the video, a description says, “My dad in the background is just telling me it’s okay because one time we ate in the exact seat Bernie sat in at a restaurant.”

In the upper left-hand corner of the video is a symbol for the social network site Tik Tok, where the video is originally from. We, found that the girl in the video goes by the handle of @lauren.livia. According to her account profile, it says Massachusetts and that she is a vaccinated broke college student.

James Woods who, as always, puts things into the right perspective tweeted:

“Awwww. This is heartbreaking. Please, somebody, tell her #Bernie needs another house in the south of France. Surely he’ll run in again in 2024. Until then she should buy a kitten.”

Video below:



This dingbat needs to wake up!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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