Wokesters Cry in Their Milk – Super Bowl Champion Harrison Butker Celebrates Wonderful News After Withstanding NFL Backlash and Kansas City Doxxing For His Faith-Based Commencement Speech

The NFL just condemned this speech by Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker.

They 𝐫𝐞𝐚π₯π₯𝐲 don’t want people to hear it.

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker was also doxed on social media platform X by the official account of the city he plays for Wednesday evening, less than a week after he advocated for traditional family values during a college commencement address.

Kansas City is now in the crosshairs of a significant investigation for potential human rights violations following the doxxing of Harrison Butker, the kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has taken a strong stance, announcing an investigation under the Missouri Human Rights Act to uphold the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

β€œMy office is demanding accountability after Kansas City doxxed Harrison Butker last night for daring to express his religious beliefs,” AG Bailey announced.

β€œI will enforce the Missouri Human Rights Act to ensure Missourians are not targeted for their free exercise of religion,” he added.

But that’s not the best news for him this morning as just like the Bud Light fiasco taught us, not all Americans are buying divisive leftist politics some of them love God more than everything and that’s why Butker’s jersey is listed as “Most Popular” at

Higher than Patrick Mahomes:

Harrison Butker’s commencement address at a private Catholic liberal arts school in Kansas over the weekend has drawn strong reaction. But amid the reaction, demand for Butker’s Chiefs jersey seems to have spiked.

As of Thursday, Butker’s jersey appears to be among the most in-demand fan gear on Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ jersey is also listed among the league’s bestselling jerseys.

Butker wore No. 87 in college when he kicked for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. He currently wears jersey No. 7.

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