Officials Confirm That Georgia Recount In Fulton County Is Delayed By Dominion Server Crash – Local Witness Allege That Someone REMOVED The Server!

Election Day. November 3rd, 2020 one of the most disputed election day in our history.

It’s almost a month later. Many Americans are still seeking resolution.

The push to complete a recount requested by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has hit a snag in Georgia’s most populous county as the statewide deadline looms.

Fulton County elections officials confirmed to 11Alive on Sunday that a newly-purchased Dominion Voting Systems mobile server had crashed earlier in the day.

“Technicians from Dominion have been dispatched to resolve the issue,” Fulton County officials said in a statement. “The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has also been alerted to the issue and is aware of efforts to resolve the problem.”

The county plans to resume its counting process on Monday morning. So far, Fulton suggests its teams have already concluded the counting of absentee, early in-person, and provisional ballots – 88 percent of ballots cast.
Fulton County Commission Chair Robb Pitts told Fox 5 regarding the crashed server: “I can assure the voters of Fulton County that are watching us that, in Fulton County, Georgia, we run open, fair, and transparent elections. This is a very transparent process to make sure everything is above board.”

Counties have a deadline of 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 2 to complete the recount, which follows a hand audit that uncovered four batches of uncounted ballots, most of which were for President Donald Trump
This was reported everywhere by the mainstream media and now local witnesses allege that the servers didn’t crash, after all, the server was removed.
Kyle Becker who is an independent journalist and former assoc. prod/writer at Fox News tweeted late in the night:

If you’re in Georgia you need to contact your state rep and Senator and convene a special session of your congress like NOW? You need to get to the bottom of this and fast?!

The 5 things experts from Trump’s legal team may find if they get the server/machines:
1. No data wiped, no data altered. (Legit)
2. No data wiped, data altered. (Illegit)
3. All data wiped with a single overwrite. (Suspicions)
4. All data wiped with multiple overwrites. (Very Suspicions)
5. New HD (Fraud)

We will update the story as soon as we have more information.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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