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Numbers Don’t Line Up: Here Are The Things That Kill More People Each Day Than Covid-19 Has So Far

One hundred thousand coronavirus deaths in the U.S. is the low estimate.

That figure is the bottom end of the White House’s best-picture scenario of 100,000 to 240,000 deaths, which predicts that the U.S. will hit a peak death rate of more than 2,000 deaths a day in mid-April. President Donald Trump warned that this week in particular would be the “toughest.”

In the world we can see the whole picture in the table below:

From WorldOMeter:

Apr. 8
88,457 6,414 8%
Apr. 7
82,043 7,383 10%
Apr. 6
74,660 5,227 8%
Apr. 5
69,433 4,737 7%
Apr. 4
64,696 5,799 10%
Apr. 3
58,897 5,715 11%
Apr. 2
53,182 5,979 13%
Apr. 1
47,203 4,890 12%
Mar. 31
42,313 4,537 12%
Mar. 30
37,776 3,709 11%
Mar. 29
34,067 3,204 10%
Mar. 28
30,863 3,518 13%

But is this a reason for a world panic?

We will present to you the list of things that killed more people daily and you can see fro yourself if we need to panic and destroy our economy.

Back in February, There was a post that claimed the there are a lot of things kill more people than the Coronavirus daily.
The post reads:

A post comparing Covid-19 death rates to other things that can kill people has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

“One of the worst days so far for Coronavirus was the 10th of February. On that day, 108 persons in CHINA died of coronavirus.

BUT, on that same day

26,283 people died of Cancer

24,641 died of Heart Disease

4,300 people died of Diabetes

and on that day, Suicide, unfortunately, took more lives than the virus did, by 28 times.

Moreover, Mosquitoes kill 2,740 people every day, HUMANS kill 1,300 fellow humans every day, and Snakes kill 137 people every day.

So if we give a good look then there are a lot of other things that we should worry about even if we compare the current numbers.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that this isn’t comparing like with like. A virus can spread and kill people very differently to the other things mentioned. One of the reasons why viral outbreaks attract concern from medical authorities is that they may have the potential to kill many more if they are allowed to spread unchecked. So while it’s important to put the risks of coronavirus in perspective, raw numbers like these shouldn’t necessarily be taken as an indicator of how concerned you should be about any of them.

But let’s not forget the fact that also there are a lot of people that have died with the Coronavirus but not from the Coronavirus.

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer, there were 9.6 million deaths from cancer in 2018. That works out to around 26,000 deaths a day worldwide.

17.9 million people died from all cardiovascular diseases in 2016 according to the WHO—this works out as 49,000 a day, way above the figure given in the Facebook post. Ischaemic heart disease or coronary heart disease specifically was the cause of 9.4 million deaths worldwide in 2016, 25,840 a day, closer to the post’s estimate.

In 2016 the WHO estimated that 1.6 million people a year die from factors relating directly to diabetes. This is about 4,400 a day, so the Facebook post is broadly correct.

But, the post overstates the number of people who died by suicide. The WHO estimated there were 800,000 people who died by suicide in 2018, equivalent to around 2,000 per day, while the Facebook post suggests there are closer to 3,000 per day.

The post claims that mosquito-borne diseases kill 2,740 people a day, which works out at a million per year. This also seems an overestimate. The WHO estimates that vector-borne diseases (spread by animals) account for 700,000 deaths per year, of which at least 440,000 are by mosquitos alone through transmitting malaria and dengue fever (around 1,205 per day).

The figure for deaths caused by other humans seems fairly correct looking specifically at homicides. The United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime estimated that in 2017 464,000 died globally from homicide, which is about 1,270 a day. This number would be higher if deaths from war or terrorism were included.

The WHO estimates that up to 137,800 people die each year from snake bites, about 378 a day, or double the number given in the Facebook post. However, they also note that underreporting of snake bites and subsequent deaths is common, so it’s likely this number could be higher still.

So if we compare the numbers that we have now on a daily basis the Coronavirus still seems like a situation were we overreacted and killed our economy for nothing!

So let get back to our country!

To sum up where we stand today, April 9: Based on the pretext that we must “limit the spread” of the Wuhan virus, the American economic boom of the past three years has been reversed in a matter of days, millions have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of small businesses have been shuttered and will probably never reopen, and three-quarters of the American population has been subjected to some form of house arrest by state, county and city governments.

All over the country people are being fined or arrested and jailed for violating suddenly imposed restrictions on their every movement and gathering, often with the aid of their neighbors, who turn them in to the police, following instructions on how to be a snitch. Attendance at religious services has been forbidden altogether or limited to ten people, even in vast cathedrals, while “permission” is granted to crowd supermarkets and convenience stores, buy booze, purchase cannabis and have pets groomed.

America’s almost instantaneous transformation into a police state is based on “models” that “predicted” upwards of 2 million deaths from the Wuhan virus without “mitigation” in the form of a preposterous attempt to quarantine 330 million people. And the people have obsequiously bowed to every ridiculous command.

It is becoming clearer with each passing day that the death toll from the Wuhan virus is not rising exponentially as the “experts” predicted but only modestly in some places while leveling off or even declining almost everywhere else in the country — as well as the world. The incidence of infection borders on nil in the hot and humid countries, where the number of deaths remains in the double or very low triple digits four months after the virus emerged from the Hubei province of China.
So tell this to everyone that doubts the numbers.

Decide for yourself, is this a giant hoax or a real pandemic that threatens our very existence.

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