WATCH: Alec Baldwin and SNL Mocks President Trump’s Christmas With Melania at The White House – -Immediately Gets Shut Down (VIDEO)

You remember Alec Baldwin right? He is a Big Mouth liberal actor who outside NBC SNL hasn’t had a decent movie career since 1991. Baldwin and SNL show at NBC are going after President Trump for months! They are using every possible insult to ridicule him. “Libtard” Hollywood actor has made it his mission of late to trash Donald Trump.

The cold open of “SNL” began by mocking President Trump’s Christmas with First Lady Melania at the White House. “Trump” declared the war on Christmas has been replaced with the “war on North Korea.”

Watch the video below!

In the kickoff sketch, Alec Baldwin again lampooned the president by having him decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments of losers, including James Comey, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, Roy Moore, Mike Flynn, Omarosa, and others.

“That’s right, you can finally say that again because the war on Christmas is over,” Baldwin says. “It will soon be replaced by the war with North Korea.”

“It’s such a big tax cut it might even make me a real billionaire. It’s my greatest achievement, so now I can settle down and be super-presidential — that is, until Don Lemon says something mean about me, and I tweet the actual n-word.”

“Sadly, I had to fire Comey because he was a nutjob and because he knew all my secrets. So I had to pull a little obstruction-ay of justice-jay.”


The sad part is that SNL is one of the many haters and losers they are trying to parody. Just because they may be right doesn’t make them any better.

But to try to call the Administration “haters” when the ONLY Democrat campaign strategy is “divide with hatred”, seems beyond the pale. Fortunately for Lorne Michael’s baby, with the roaring success of the Alabama 40-year-old personal attack, ALL we’re going to get from the Democrats is the SNL crude characterizations of Republican candidates.

And not a word about why the Democrat would do a better job!

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