We’ve Made A Rendering Of The 40-yard Shot That Took Down The Indiana Mall Shooter – This Guy Is Jason Freaking Bourne (Photos)

As we reported previously three people were killed and two others injured after a shooter opened fire in the food court of a Greenwood, Indiana, shopping mall Sunday evening, police say.

Around 6:00 p.m. local time, multiple people called 911 to report an active shooter at the Greenwood Park Mall, Greenwood Police Department Chief Jim Ison told reporters.

During a media briefing Sunday, police said the shooter was armed with a rifle and several magazines of ammunition. The type was weapon was not described beyond being a long gun.

“It appears that he had a rifle with several magazines of ammunition, entered the food court and began shooting,” Ison said.

Ison said that the shooter was killed by another person at the mall who was armed. Ison said the “good Samaritan” was a 22-year-old man from Bartholomew County.

“The real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began,” Ison said.

We used a photo of the food court of the mall in Greenwood, Indiana, where Good Samaritan Eli Dickens stopped a maniac in 15 SECONDS using 8 well-placed bullets from his pistol at over 40 yards away.

A zoomed photo:

That is absolutely nuts. This guy is Jason freaking Bourne.

And yes, that is the mall:

Here’s a shooting instructor who has already named a long-distance pistol drill in Dicken’s honor.

As we previously reported on the day of the shooting every mainstream media was talking about the shooter all morning instead of the good Sarmatian that saved the day!

There is not one headline that praises the hero and the second amendment for saving the day!

Mark Van der Veen

Mark Van der Veen offers some of the most analytical and insightful writings on politics. He regularly opines on the motives and political calculations of politicians and candidates, and whether or not their strategy will work. Van der Veen offers a contrast to many on this list by sticking mainly to a fact-based style of writing that is generally combative with opposing ideologies.

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4 months ago

I’ve wondered why the FBI was called. They got there fast enough they must have been staged down the street, ready to rush in, observe their handiwork, and obfuscate the evidence.

kevin coleman
kevin coleman
4 months ago

who is responsible for the security plan at this mall? the mall administrator or the county sheriff? this lack of responsibility is what is known as libel in the legal world, and gross incompetence in leadership! call 1-800- lawyer, and sue there ass!

4 months ago

Lol you say the media didn’t praise the shooter who stopped the nut job and then go on to list several articles that do exactly that. Wonder how biased you are in other areas.

I bet you “believe in free speech” but censor this comment too.

Last edited 4 months ago by Trumplost
D Vvvvvv
D Vvvvvv
4 months ago

Equally Amazing: No innocents/bystanders in foreground of battlespace were hit. Perfect backstop. Righteous justice/hand of G-d/Holy Spirit guiding Dicken and the entire event. Deus Vult

3 months ago

One of the reports stated that he steadied his weapon on a pole. Didn’t do a free hand shoot. I don’t know but I admire him.

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