VIDEO: Obama’s Welfare Queens Are Told Their Food Stamps Have Been CUT OFF – Watch How They React

Obama put millions of entitled Americans on welfare, allowing them to freeload off people who actually work for a living.

In the video below, however, welfare leeches in Georgia learn their food stamps had been cut off due to an administrative error. The freeloaders didn’t take this news very well…

Watch as the welfare kings and queens whine about how “unfair” it is that they will actually have to get jobs to support their families.

Oh, my gosh at all of the entitlement here. Why did you have so many kids if you couldn’t take care of them? And why is everybody getting all mad like somebody owes them something?

Truthfully it’s nobody else’s job to take care of them, but the least they could do is act grateful for the help they’ve received and not act like it’s owed to them.

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Michelle M.

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