Video: People Are Literally Falling Out Of Biden’s Air Force 1 – Who Fell Out In Poland?

President Joe Biden’s motorcade slipped out of the White House around 3:30 a.m. Sunday. No big, flashy Air Force One for this trip -– the president vanished into the darkness on an Air Force C-32, a modified Boeing 757 normally used for domestic trips to smaller airports.

The next time he turned up — 20 hours later — it was in downtown Kyiv, Ukraine.

Biden’s surprise 23-hour visit to Ukraine on Monday was the first time in modern history that a U.S. leader visited a warzone outside the aegis of the U.S. military — a feat the White House said carried some risk even though Moscow was given a heads-up.

But USA Supreme reported that while he was there, sirens and explosions went off…but the strange thing about it is that a CNN reporter said those sounds hadn’t happened once until Joe shuffled in…

“I’ve been here for the past five days,” Marquardt said. “I have not heard any explosions, I have not heard any air sirens until about a half an hour ago, right when President Biden was in the center of Kyiv.”

Biden appeared with Zelenskyy on the streets of Kyiv in spite of an air raid siren triggered by a Russian MIG fighter taking off from Belarus, the country bordering Ukraine to the north.

The alarm stopped near the end of Biden’s visit to St. Michael’s monastery in the city’s downtown, where the president paid his respects to nearly 4,500 fallen Ukrainian soldiers, who had fallen since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the New York Times reported.

Video below:

But it wasn’t the end of the troubles for Biden and his aides!

Something strange happened while Air Force One was overseas… somebody tumbled down the stairs and fell right onto the tarmac. Was it our incoherent, confused, shuffling, klutzy so-called “president” who took yet another spill? It’s hard to tell, you can’t see who the person is. But I have my doubts. I don’t think Biden would be coming down the plane that close to the journalists.

Video below:

This was reportedly at Warsaw Chopin Airport on Monday night.

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