BLM rioters took to the streets in downtown Milwaukee Tuesday night protesting racial injustice, and it turned physical at one point.

The protest started at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial around 7:30 p.m.

About 50 people gathered, protesting recent police violence against black people and other social issues.

At one point the group started marching down 1st St. towards city hall.

The protesters met with a group of Trump supporters, and the two groups squared off, shouting at each other.

It turned physical, with some punches thrown before police showed up and calmed the tensions.

It’s unclear what lead up to the altercations.

Later in the night, the two groups met again at the CJM Memorial where some terse verbal altercations continued.

The riots didn’t stop.

They continue towards the suburbs of Milwaukee and attacked a house of man who is a supporter of President Trump.

The Trump supporter who tried to defend his home has reportedly been arrested after pulling a gun on a mob of Black Lives Matter supporters who were surrounding his home for several hours.

It is currently unclear who the man is or why the mob was at his house, but he did have a “Trump Train” flag hanging outside.

Videos below:

In livestream footage of the incident, the mob is clearly seen stepping on to the man’s property.

“They went specifically to his house to protest him for ‘being a racist.’ The homeowner was arrested, and the crowd remains outside. They seem to have gone on his property. WTF Milwaukee?” Kitty Shackleford, a Twitter user that archives riot footage, tweeted along with videos.

After the mob was outside his home for more than two hours, police arrived. As they entered the man’s property, the rioters cheered for police and called for the man’s arrest, yelling about how he had a weapon.

When the man was taken outside, seemingly in cuffs, the crowd went wild.

Videos below:

The livestreams can be viewed here in full. The arrest begins around the 33 minute mark in the second video:

Second Video:

On a Facebook page called “Justice Tour 2020,” Vaun L Mayes, a man who describes himself as “Milwaukee’s Malcolm X,” has been posting personal information on Trump supporters. The page is littered with people’s phone numbers, addresses, and calls for crowds to show up at their homes for “protest parties.”

Brandishing from within his own home behind a door? all while being harassed by a mob that came onto his property. This cannot be tolerated.
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Natalie Dagenhardt

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