Video: Mail-In Ballot Examiners In Maryland Allegedly Seen Marking Ballots With Pen In Live Video Feed

Mail-in ballots are expected to hit a record level in this election. The president insists that they can’t be trusted. But many state officials say otherwise.

President Trump two weeks ago said his concerns about mail-in voting are being borne out by New York officials sending botched ballots to nearly 100,000 Brooklyn residents.

For months, Trump has claimed widespread mail-in voting amid the COVID-19 pandemic opens the door to fraud and is likely to delay the Nov. 3 results. Democrats generally say mail-in voting is proven to be reliable and secure.

New York is not among the nine states — plus Washington, DC — that are automatically sending ballots to all registered voters over Trump’s objections.

Ballots are being mass-mailed California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington state.

And last night a video surfaced and people online alleged voter fraud that is happening live on TV.
Montgomery County Board of Elections continues to process thousands of mail-in ballots that voters have returned.

Vote-by-Mail ballots are opened by Election Judges. The process is referred to as the “canvass.” Canvass day three was held at the Plum Gar Recreation Center in Germantown on Tuesday.

Residents were also encouraged to see how the process goes via live-stream. Officials say the canvass process will continue as needed until all ballots are opened and scanned.

Mail-in ballot examiners are allegedly seen marking ballots with pen in live video feed (27:19, 38:36)

Video below:

We contacted the Montgomery County Board of Elections for answers but we haven’t received an answer.
The only logical explanation is that the examiners are instructed to properly fill in bubbles if the voter did not do a good enough job for the machine to recognize their mark, either that or this is voter fraud.

In 2016 somehow people were wrongly instructed in Maryland to use a pencil. This caused the counters to have to go over the ballots in pen to make sure the machine could count it. Maybe some people still used a pencil or didn’t bubble it in full but the video still looks fishy.
If a voter is unable to mark a ballot properly it’s not the responsibility of the state to correct it – that should be a rejected ballot. By allowing someone else to Mark the ballots questioning the results become legitimate because you cannot guarantee beyond a reasonable doubt that no nefarious activity was going on.
The Board of Elections gave a closer look at the Mail-In Ballot counting process on their Twitter profile:

Unless ACB gets confirmed before Election Day it literally can’t be like Bush v. Gore in Florida. If that happens we have a full blown Constitutional crisis on our hands.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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