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Video: Doctor Says That She Wants To Get Rid Of All The White People In The U.S. Because Non-White Immigrants Are More Likely To Accept Vaccines

Though a COVID-19 vaccine is likely still more than a year away, according to experts, concerns over mandatory vaccinations have spread throughout the anti-vaxxer community in Texas, which is one of the largest in the nation. In recent years, prominent voices in the anti-vaxxer movement have settled in and around Austin, and a vocal Facebook group formed a political action committee, Texans for Vaccine Choice. This school year, nearly 73,000, or 1.35 percent, of Texas students opted out of getting at least one required vaccine for nonmedical reasons, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. That number does not include home schooled children.

The anti-vaccine community, at large, believes that vaccines are a tool of government control that make big pharmaceutical companies rich and have side effects that can cause lasting damage. Sarah, a Benbrook mom who asked that her last name be omitted over fears her family will be targeted by people who support vaccines, said she’s more scared that she’ll be forced to vaccinate her two-year-old daughter than she is of the virus itself.

But as anti-vaxxer community is rising one Texas doctor went all in and said that she wants to get rid of all the white people in the United States because non-white immigrants are more likely to accept vaccines.

Video below:

The doctor in the video is Carol J. Baker a winner of the annual Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal she is an adjunct professor of pediatrics, whose groundbreaking research in group B Streptococcus (GBS) is accelerating progress toward a vaccine to prevent a bacterial infection that can cause lifelong illness or death in newborns. The award was presented at the 26th annual Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal Ceremony, at the National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington, DC last year.

This is the face of our enemy.
Literal psychopathic genociders, talking openly about their racist eugenics Pharma programs at high society lunches.

This woman should be in jail.

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Alex D.

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