Video: Chaos in NYC, Far-Left Activists Antifa Swarm Grand Central Station—Multiple Arrests Made

Antifa and the radical left are trying to destroy our country!

They’re doing it to Portland, Berkley, San Francisco, and other liberal cities. They’re ruining our once beautiful cities.

Their latest protest came in NYC to be more precise at New York’s Grand Central Station.

Three days ago, Antifa warned they would strike.
The protests were organized online, with one far-left Twitter account tweeting: “The streets are ours. The trains our [sic] ours. The walls are ours. This moment is ours. How will you and your crew build and fuck shit up for #FTP3 on #J31 (THIS FRIDAY)


Multiple people were arrested on Friday night as Antifa and far-left “decolonization” activists converged on Grand Central Station in New York City as part of their “F*ck the Police” protest.

One masked protestor screamed “F*ck the police” as she was arrested.

Videos below:

They also used some sort of weapon:

Outside of the subway station, anti-cop protesters can be seen swarming police and NYPD vehicles.

Earlier this week, Mason Baird, a paid North Carolina field organizer for Bernie Sanders’ campaign bragged about how the campaign is attracting radicals like Antifa. As Bernie’s campaign takes off, should we expect more of this violent (direct action) behavior?

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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