Video: Car Plows Through Crowd Of Police Officers – Mainstream Media Silent

A car drove through a group of police officers in Buffalo, New York on Monday night, reportedly injuring at least two police officers during a protest for George Floyd.

The news broke on June 1 as protests and riots continued to escalate throughout the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But so far the news was ignored by the mainstream media or even if it was reported no one condemns the rioters that run over the police officers!

In what world running over a human being is normal, the way George Floyd died is unacceptable but so are actions like this!

Video below:

Law enforcement in Buffalo is working to figure out how a vehicle was able to enter an area filled with protesters during Saturday’s protest in Niagara Square.

The driver, a 29-year-old woman, is still in ECMC with serious injuries after being dragged out of the car by the crowd.

During a press conference on Monday, Buffalo Police Department Capt. Jeff Rinaldo said that they are reviewing surveillance footage to determine why and how she was able to get around a traffic checkpoint at Delaware Avenue and Mohawk Street to get to the protest.

“At this time, she does not wish to be a witness in the investigation,” Rinaldo said. “We are still working to determine whether or not her actions at the start rose to the level of criminal actions.”

Rinaldo noted that the incident happened in a “very heated part of the protest”, at which point some officers had removed themselves from the traffic checkpoints for safety.

“We believe that she was able to drive around a stationary police car and enter the area,” Rinaldo said. “We do not have any indication of why she was there.”

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Alex D.

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