Video: Black Woman Says She Is ‘Uncomfortable’ By ‘Too Many Whites’ At UVA Multicultural Center

So much for peaceful dialogue between all the opposing views in this country.

We can all thank the Democrats for the rising racism in our country because it seems that being white is now a problematic thing.
At least in the university of Virginia, multicultural center “whites” are not welcomed, guests.

A video shows a woman announcing that she felt “uncomfortable” by the presence of white students at a new Multicultural Student Center on the campus of the University of Virginia.

“There’s a whole university for a lot of y’all to be at, and there’s very few spaces for us, so keep that in mind,” she added. The comments were met with applause by people not visible in the video.

Andy Ngo tweeted about this incident:

Person at @UVA makes an “announcement” that she is uncomfortable that there are too many white people around her. She asks white people to go elsewhere.

“There is a whole university for you to be at…”

“There is not enough space for us…”

Evidently, logic is not discussed in there…

The Democrats have liberal radicals in their pockets and could care less about the black people except for their votes. After that, they have no use for blacks!

I always believed a person should be accepted to a uni due to their talents, not due to the color of there skin.
What a tolerant world we live in.

University of Virginia spokesman Brian Coy confirmed he had seen the video before forwarding a statement that outlined the goals of the Multicultural Student Center.

“I believe deeply that we need to build a community that is not just diverse, but also inclusive,” read part of the statement provided by Coy.

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