Video: Biden’s Adviser Got Knocked Down Last Night At A Rally In A Half Empty High School Gym

Joe Biden is corrupt and weak so he is a top candidate for the Dems.

They will easily control him and get into the positions they like.

That’s why they push for his nomination.

If there wasn’t a forced endorsement from his fellow Democrats Biden would have been out of the race by now.

Joe Biden held a ‘rally’ with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker on Monday night at a high school gymnasium in Detroit, Michigan.

As always the rally was low energy with barely anyone in attendance.

Biden was flanked by two big-name Senators who just endorsed him and he still couldn’t fill a high school gym.

Video below:

There was another incident during the rally:

A protester disrupted Biden on Monday night with a sign that said, “NAFTA killed our jobs.”

Biden voted for NAFTA in 1994.

Biden got triggered, “Are you with Donald Trump?”

“It’s not a Trump rally! Let him go! Let him go! The Bernie Bros are here!” Biden yelled.

Video below:

As Politico reported minutes later, a larger group of pro-Green New Deal demonstrators began shouting over Biden’s remarks and waving signs. But as staff members tried moving the group along. Biden senior aide Symone Sanders was hit on the head with an iPad and knocked down. Video of the incident shows her popping right back up; she was reportedly doing fine afterward.

Video below:

It’s obvious that people don’t like Biden but the establishment is another thing.

Every power center in America is arrayed against Donald Trump — and we’d add to that list, the government of communist China, which would badly like to return to the compliant the former American leadership.

These people will be working tirelessly for Joe Biden. They’ll use whatever tools they possess, some of the public, many not. Above all, they’ll have the media, which needless to say is already playing its prescribed role.”

Joe Biden’s “fading intellect is not a handicap” but “an opportunity” for the Democratic establishment to control the resurgent White House hopeful.

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