Video: Antifa Rioters Threw An Explosive Mortar At A Police Building Force Police Vehicles Away – Shoot Each Other At The End

The Portland Police Bureau said that a group of approximately 75 individuals were involved in the chaos last night, which included a “commercial grade firework” being thrown near police vehicles that were parked at the Penumbra Kelly Building. The group reportedly blocked traffic for hours and some ventured onto the property and were arrested.

A crowd of roughly 75 people left a park around 10 p.m. before marching on the Penumbra Kelly Building, which was the site of previous protests this year. The mass gathering blocked a nearby street in both directions, officials said.

Two unnamed people who had left the protest later got into a scuffle a few blocks away, before one of the pair shot the other, police said. Paramedics rushed both to the hospital; injuries were described as serious but not life-threatening.


“Failure to adhere to this order may subject you to arrest, citation, or the use of crowd control agents including, but not limited to, impact weapons and/or OC munitions,” Portland police wrote on Twitter.

With Portland PD almost dismantled by it’s mayor Ted Wheeler they hat to retreat.
Video below:

Explosive mortar was thrown near police vehicles that were parked at the Penumbra Kelly Building.

Video below:

Toowards the end of the night the two Antifa rioters ended up getting in a dispute that resulted in a shooting. Both have been transported to hospital by ambulance.
Violent riots have rocked Portland, New York and Seattle for months and has led to cities being designated this week as “anarchist jurisdictions” — all of them are under Democratic leadership.

The Department of Justice announced this week that the cities had been designated as “anarchist jurisdictions” because they met certain requirements.

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