Video: Antifa Rioter Sucker-Punch A Trump Supporter – Receives Instant Karma

Trump supporters in New York City repeatedly came under attack by crazed protesters in what was supposed to be a peaceful car caravan through the city on Saturday.

The first video shows people standing on an overpass throwing objects at vehicles passing below. The vehicles were participating in a “Jews for Trump” caravan in Brooklyn.

Video below:

Another video shows a Trump Supporter’s vehicle getting mobbed near Times Square. The driver gets out to confront the violent mob only to get sucker-punched by a person dressed in black. That coward quickly gets taken down by another eyewitness with a Chuck Norris-like leg sweep.

A shorter version of the attack:

An all out brawl happens next before NYPD officers appear and try to take control of the scene.

A longer version of the attack:

The convoy took place in several Orthodox Jewish communities ahead of a planned event in Brooklyn’s Marine Park organized by Boris Epshteyn, an advisor to the Trump campaign and co-chair of Jewish Voices for Trump, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported Friday.

In Manhattan, a woman was arrested for allegedly using pepper spray on the convoy, according to police.

Video below:

Police later declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and made multiple arrests, including counter-protesters and at least one Trump supporter. According to preliminary reports, a counter-protester was injured while being arrested.

Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He writes for Supreme Insider, Red State Nation, Defiant America, and Right Journalism. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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