Video: Protesters Decided To Protest In Portland’s Suburbs Last Night

Antifa/BLM protesters had marched through part of Springfield’s Thurston neighborhood without incident for only about a half an hour Wednesday night before they found themselves met with a wall of police behind barricades blocking their progress.


nother half-hour passed with taunts, chants, and threats of arrest before the police pushed past their barricades to grapple with protesters, wrestling some to the ground.


A prominent protest leader was arrested and others were injured in the melee.
Two people resisting arrest were dragged from the mob as Portland-inspired protests and riots have spread to small cities in the state.

But unlike Portland PD the police in the suburbs decide to end the riots before they even begin.

Videos below:

Some locals complained on Twitter that the rioters were from out of the area & they were TERRORIZING that quiet peaceful working-class town.

I’m not agreeing with these tactics at all, but at this point, with not being able to separate protester and rioter we can’t blame the cops for taking the heavy-handed approach.

The small towns are a totally different world.

We removed the videos because they didn’t comply with our advertisers’ policies.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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