Veteran Wins Fight With Homeowners’ Association Over American Flag (VIDEO)

A veteran homeowner named Wayne Marchant was ordered by his HOA to remove an American flag from his front yard in Franklin, Ohio. Marchant said his homeowner’s association gave him a verbal OK nine years ago to fly an American flag from a pole in his front yard in Franklin.

But, apparently they changed their mind, and no it was no longer OK.

Via The Blaze: “Marchant — a veteran who spent four years in active duty and another four in the Air Force Reserves — told the station he’s been ordered to remove his flag and flagpole.

The HOA sent Marchant a letter last Friday that read: “During a recent inspection, it was observed that a flagpole has been erected in your front lawn which does not comply with the community’s standards, which violates the Deed Restrictions and/or Rules, as such, the structure needs to be removed or modified to meet applicable standards; and to ensure compliance,” WLWT reported.

“As a veteran, I wouldn’t think to erect a flagpole and fly the American flag would be something that I would have to get permission to do,” Marchant told the station.”

Marchant hit social media with his plight, the station reported, and it resulted in thousands of positive, encouraging responses from all over America.

“All over the country with the same message, ‘Don’t take it down,’” Marchant told WLWT. “I’m hoping that the HOA will change their minds.”

He added to the station: “If … they hold their ground and there’s no legal recourse, I’ll have to take it down, but the day my wife retires, we’ll be out of here.”

After all that pushback, it now appears Old Glory can stay after all.

Marchant noted Wednesday on Facebook that the HOA “informed me that my flagpole will be allowed to stay and anyone in our community that wishes to erect a pole in the future will be allowed to do so as long as they make the proper applications. Thanks to everyone across this great country for your words of encouragement and sharing the story. Without this support, the outcome might not have been so good.”

Great victory for another veteran! Vets have to fight FOR EVERYTHING. HOA’s are prejudiced and to give a vet a hard time for flying the American flag that that veteran went to war for is ridiculous.

It’s a sad and sorry day when anyone cannot fly the American Flag. The American flag should be allowed to fly or be present anywhere in the good old U.S.A.
And ESPECIALLY Our Veterans, that have fought for the Freedoms that we have today.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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