Texas Cowboy Shuts Down Welfare Queen Who Demands Free Health Care With This Viral Video

The state of the American welfare system after Barack Obama is beyond sad. Many have become used to living off other people. They’re too lazy to get a job and earn their own money. We as Americans are willing to help those who can’t help themselves. Not lazy bums just out to loaf and take handouts.

Why should the working class have to support all these money grabbers? Unfortunately, if this does not change soon, the system will implode.

Texas cowboy and satirist Chad Prather posted another entertaining video on the Internet in which he addresses another “politically correct” social issue within America’s new and improved pop culture “welfare.”

And address a Welfare Queen’s demand for “free healthcare!”

“So I just left the doctor’s office where I heard some people talking about how they deserve free healthcare,” Prather said. “You can add that to the list of stuff everyone in America thinks they deserve.”

He added: “How did we develop such an endless sense of entitlement, believing everyone owes us something? No one owes you anything. No one. You owe it to yourself to work hard and make the best decisions possible.”

“Just because you want something, it doesn’t mean that you deserve it, no one owe’s you anything, you owe it to yourself to work hard,” Prather said in his video about the mounting sense of entitlement in America.

“I hate to be the guy that breaks it to ya, but if you think someone owes you anything then you’re in for a long life of disappointment.”

A word about our sense of entitlement. #watchchad #smile

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I agree with him. Nothing is free to get used to it. The taxpayers in this country are tired of all the freeloaders. The middle class has long been viewed as the “deep pockets” whereby taxes could be levied to support the socialist in the government and the bums who support them. Unfortunately, the middle class has no more in their pockets.

This is exactly why we need a law and order president like Donald Trump. Unlike Obama, Trump has made it clear that he intends to get people off of the system and on to be self-sufficient because the hard working American people are tired of working so the government can give to people who don’t know hard days work.

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