Syrian Man With Four Wives And 22 Kids Gets $ 360,000 A Year In Welfare

First of all, he shouldn’t be here and if he is healthy enough to make babies (wives too) they are healthy enough to WORK!!Plus only one wife is allowed in this country and pretty much every other western country, they all need to be shipped out as quickly as possible!

Anger is growing among U.S Citizens. They are outraged by the recent exposure of the consequences of Muslim immigration.

Because as it turns out they have to pay a fortune in social assistance to Syrian immigrants that are living in the United States.

We have many cases in Europe too!

In Denmark, where a Syrian man with 3 wives and 20 kids gets DKK 214,000 in child benefits, which caused outrage in Denmark and proposals for changing the law.

Ghazia A. (49) was a self-employed cars salesman in Syria, where he provided for himself and his large family.

But in 2015 he traveled to Germany, and that was the end of self- sustaining.

In Germany, he does not lift a finger. He lives on social welfare paid by German taxpayers. And he does so with his four wives and 22 children. He also has an adult daughter who is married in Saudi Arabia.

So it would be interesting to see how much he would earn if he was in the USA and we all know how many cases of Muslims coming into our country and living on welfare!

A U.S. economist has calculated how much this family would take from the U.S. Treasury. He reached a figure that it is about $ 360,000 a year.
Yet vets struggle every day. Not to mention hard-working people who live payday to payday.

That figure has led many Americans to see red at the fact that they are the ones who must pay the large sum. Money to healthy adults who do not work and even undermines American values with polygamy.

In Muslim countries, a man is usually allowed to have up to four wives.

Ghazia A. is one of the many Muslim men who has used this right in Syria.

In the United States and most of the western countries, however, polygamy is prohibited.

But immigration means that there is a growing number of Muslims in the United States who practice polygamy.

Ghazia A. admittedly was asked to make one of the four wives his official wife, and he chose Twasif with five children as his official wife.

The three other women now live three other places, with the other 17 children.

But in reality, his polygamy remains largely unchanged!

Authorities have designated the three other wives, as his ‘partners’. They also live nearby. And they are all paid by the public.

Ghazia A. is talking openly about them as his four wives and about his marital obligations to them.

“According to my religion, I have an obligation to distribute my time equally to everyone and not prioritize one of them over the others,” he Said

“I spend all my time to take care of my family,” he says,

This has to stop! President Trump’s travel ban has to be enforced if we want to avoid cases like this in our country!

Michelle M.

Michelle is an American conservative author she is committed to the constitutional principles of individual freedom, economic liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, and traditional values. She is a libertarian and provocateur who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington, while exposing politicians and individuals who wish to do us harm.

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Sandra Besirovic
5 years ago

I am so disgusted about the Muslium living in my country with 4 wivies, 22 kids drawing money to support them, with childern here straving here…..DISUSTING!!!