Singer John Legend Says NRA Is A “Danger To The Nation”… Get Schooled Big Time

A few days ago, NRA asked singer John Legend e thinks that former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell is a “danger to the nation and police”

NRA asked: “.@johnlegend do you consider veteran United States Navy SEAL, Purple Heart recipient, and #NRA member @MarcusLuttrell “a danger to this nation and to the police”?”

John Legend answered that he thinks that NRA is a danger to America.

“You can show me all the individuals you want. I’m sure they are wonderful people. The NRA’s agenda is to sell more guns and stop any meaningful gun safety measures. You are a danger to America. You are a danger to law enforcement,” Legend wrote.

Of course, you are willfully missing the part where he specifically criticizes the NRA as an organization, and never any individual NRA member.

When you have to lie to make your argument, you prove you have no argument at all.

Legend is dead wrong because he actually has forsaken what it means to be American. Luckily, some people educated him what NRA really means.








They say ignorance is bliss… well, John Legend is living in bliss!! All the “schooling” in the world will not educate those who refuse to be educated but rather insist on remaining ignorant. John Legend is every bit as informed as Alyssa Milano. You can tell them the truth but they have a huge listening problem. They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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