Photos: The Flags Of Member Nations At The UN Have Allegedly Disappeared

The flags are raised manually by UN Security officers every weekday morning at approximately 8 am and lowered every weekday at around 4 pm, except in the cases of bad weather. The flags are organized in English alphabetical order from north to south. On weekends, only the UN flag is raised. Further information can be found in this 1992 article from the UN Chronicle.

On Wednesday morning one Twitter user Valerie Gilbert wrote:

An anon had posted that UN flags were down. I just confirmed it in person. What does it mean? Interesting…
This photo was taken at 9:48AM, Wednesday, 4/29/20 on my iPhone.

So they are raised every morning at 8 a.m. which takes about half an hour for all the flags, and then lowered at 4 p.m. which takes another half hour. So, this is strange and people started talking about bigger things.

There will be theories on why the flags were missing and many Americans are hoping that this is a sign that the United Nations will be removed from U.S. soil but we can only report the official news.

Officially we can tell that the coronavirus has hit the United Nations at its New York City headquarters. On Thursday, March 12, the first reported case was confirmed by a diplomat with the Philippines mission to the UN, who said that a Filipino colleague had tested positive for Covid-19 and had notified the “UN medical director’s office.” The UN knew about the case that afternoon.

Twenty-four hours later, the UN announced that its personnel in New York — with exceptions — would be telecommuting from March 16 until April 13. The order was made, the UN said, “to reduce our physical presence at United Nations Headquarters, while continuing to deliver on our mandates.”

Later the UN telecommuting was extended until May 31.

This step signifies that the UN appears to have moved into a modified Phase 3 response to the outbreak, having closed most of its headquarters building but still staying open for business. As the spokesperson said, the UN is operating “with a different approach, but our essential services to serve member states and go to support staff in the field will continue.”
the last update was on Wednesday, April 29

• The Security Council held a live-streamed meeting on the political and humanitarian situation in Syria; some positive developments were noted in reducing fighting amid the pandemic.
No official update on why the flags were down.

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