Photos: Melania Trump’s Birthday Sees Her Relishing Peaceful Private Life At Mar-a-Lago As She Turns 51

The former model from Slovenia, who has become one of the most famous and adored figures in American politics has now returned to the insularity of her husband’s private Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida — where the family made their permanent residence, rather than New York City, after leaving the White House — Mrs. Trump, 51, has been enjoying spa treatments and focusing on her son, Barron, as well as spending time with her parents, sources say.

The former FLOTUS celebrates her birthday today, on Monday, April 26.

Melania spends her birthday in Palm Beach, Florida, where she and Trump were last week spotted enjoying dinner at the Mar-a-Largo resort, where they have been living since leaving the White House.

She seems to be relishing the peace and quiet at Mar-a-Lago after dealing with four years of relentless scrutiny and criticism from the mainstream media.

Pictures that were sent to us this morning shows gorgeous Melania enjoying her birthday at Mar-a-Lago.

Photos below:

She seems to switch her dress for indoor dining:

Despite Mrs. Trump’s reluctance to reveal her interior life, there is consensus among her biographers: The former first lady is “tough” and smart and knows what she wants out of life and out of her relationship with the former president, 74, with whom she has formed an enduring if unsentimental bond.

She was never the one on the ballot and she’ll continue to live her life as she chooses. Her priorities are to be a wife and mother; she keeps a small inner circle. And she enjoys the power and benefits of her elevated station. She also mirrors her husband’s values.

During a recent interview Melania was asked to describe herself and here’s her answer:

After leaving the White House earlier this year, Melania has seemingly embraced a much more private lifestyle. However, it appears she is slowly easing her way back into public life.

Happy Birthday FLOTUS!

Natalie Dagenhardt

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