North Korean Nuclear Test 10 Times More Powerful Than The Hiroshima Bomb Tests Moved The Planet’s Crust

The time is fast approaching when we are going to have to decide whether or not this regime should continue.

North Korea is very quickly becoming a threat to regional and international stability and Kim Jong-un and his communist cohorts may well have to be removed forcibly.

Certainly, democratic nations are realistically going to have to start destroying the missiles, launching sites and equipment.

Not to mention eliminating the gangster bosses in charge. The North Korean people must have had enough of the rocket man’s murderous government, with its famines and prison camps.

The world would be a safer place without The Dear Leader and his crooked, bankrupt system.
Today we received another worrying news from North Korea.

Two tremors detected in North Korea yesterday were likely to be aftershocks from the hermit nation’s reckless nuclear test in early September, a US Geological Survey official confirmed.

The mild 2.9 and 2.4 magnitude aftershocks were confirmed as ‘tectonic’ in origin by the Vienna-based Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty executive secretary Lassina Zerbo.

The USGS official claimed the tremors originated near the Punggye-ri nuclear test site – the location where North Korea carried out its largest nuclear test to date on September 3.

The official said: ‘They’re probably relaxation events from the sixth nuclear test. When you have a large nuclear test, it moves the Earth’s crust around the area, and it takes a while for it to fully subside.

‘We’ve had a few of them since the sixth nuclear test.’

North Korea claims its September test was an H-bomb – with experts claiming it was an estimated 10 times more powerful than the US atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

A sequence of tremors since that test has led experts to believe that there was damage caused to the mountainous region in the north-west of the country.

Of course, the testing cannot go on without a serious impact on the earth. Something terrible and irreversible horrible will happen sooner or later due to these “tests”.

Alex D.

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