NFL Gets Devastating News As Online Ticket Sellers Issue New Report

The American majority is sick and tired of NFL players using the field as a platform to spew their political views. Disrespecting our flag and our anthem is not the way to protest nor the place to protest! We The People are pissed at the disrespect to our military and our country!

Sadly, I don’t think the NFL is remembering who pays their salaries. We do hold the power as fans. With tickets and merchandise and the sponsors catering to their sales…. best keep customers happy. The NFL will pay a price for disrespecting the country that made them rich.

Remington Research Group results of the conducted poll about the whole national anthem protest will shock NFL players. As it turns out 64 percent of those polled express their belief that NFL players should stand for the National Anthem and show some respect.These people also supported President Trump’s statements about his position on NFL players kneeling during the anthem.

More than two-thirds of Americans say professional athletes should either keep their political activity off the field or abstain from politics altogether.

Of those involved, 51 percent actually have said that this year they watch football less than they did last year. Out of that 51 percent, 69 percent are purposely watching less football because of all those NFL players who use the field to force their political opinions.

Also, NFL ticket sales on the popular ticket website StubHub, the popular ticket site, began advertising on September 28th, a sale on NFL tickets for up to 10% off until midnight on September 29th.

Well, NFL…America is letting you know that you have stepped over the line, and we will not stand for it. We, the people are the boss now! We pay your salaries. For us to ever watch an NFL game again you must shut up and play ball! We are not interested in your political Views or thoughts about inequality!

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Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He writes for Supreme Insider, Red State Nation, Defiant America, and Right Journalism. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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6 years ago

So sick of this shit grow up you pigs you got so much money you couldnt buy you way into heaven by now SHAME on you GREED is your name,,,, god see all

Earlene Mcclour
4 years ago

Along with every thing which appears to be developing inside this particular subject material, your opinions happen to be quite radical. Having said that, I am sorry, because I do not give credence to your entire idea, all be it refreshing none the less. It seems to me that your commentary are not totally validated and in reality you are generally yourself not really entirely confident of the argument. In any case I did appreciate examining it.