Watch Mid-East Fighters Shoot at Russian Fighter Jet… Notice What Dropped From Wing

A video surfaced on the internet shows a group of mid-east fighters shoot at a Russian-made Syrian fighter jet with machine guns.

One of the fighters was recording everything that was happening during the shooting, and from what we can see it wasn’t so pretty…for the fighters on the ground, though.

The video began with a MiG-21 being recorded off in the distance.

As you can see ISIS militants attempting to shoot down a Russian fighter jet using only a truck-mounted machine gun and a spotter who uses his thumbs to gauge the distance. The group of fighters can be heard yelling over the machine gun fire directed at the jet.

But unfortunately for ISIS militants, machine guns aren’t particularly good at taking down warplanes… neither is screaming “Allahu Akbar!” as these fighters were doing.

The video is dated May 11, 2014, but it was uploaded to YouTube in December of 2015.

Question: Did evolution just stopped in the Middle East thousands of years ago? According to this video, the answer is YES!

Watch this video of how ISIS goes full “Jackass” when they try to shoot down a fighter jet with a machine gun.

Michelle M.

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