Jesus Appears Before Islamist Militants Chasing Christians Amid Dust Storm, Asks Them, ‘Why Do You Persecute Me?’

There is only ONE God and no other. The true Christ has one opposer, the evil Satan. I chose and serve Christ Because He alone promotes love and forgiveness.

A few days ago we had confirmation that Jesus is real and alive. He saved the Christians and saved the Islamists… who converted to Christianity.

Recalling a recent incident, the Christian organization Bibles for Mideast says in a report that God whipped up a massive dust storm to protect a group of newly-converted Christians from a mob of Islamist militants attacking them.

One of the new believers named Rizwan said the group was about to conclude a mass baptism for 50 Islamic converts to Christianity when Islamist militants surrounded their bus and began firing shots.

“About 50 people including baptism candidates were attending the service. We all went by bus. After the baptism service and prayers, we all entered the bus to return back to our house church for the worship service and the Lord’s Supper. The bus was moved. Suddenly some militants reached behind us by three or more cars and started shooting with guns toward us,” Rizwan said.

He said they were terrified and were already bracing themselves for the worst when divine intervention took place. As their bus was speeding away pursued by the militants, the new converts and their leaders were surprised to see wind picking up and dust suddenly began to swirl around them.

Haroon one of the attackers said:

“Suddenly we saw a giant dust storm formed behind our bus. At first we all afraid of seeing the dust storm. We thought we may not be able to go beyond and will be held by the militants. But praise the Lord! Praise the Lord again and again! We all felt that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared upon the dust storm as a Mighty and Wonderful Man showing His protecting and lovely hands toward us with a sweet smile,” Rizwan said. “Jesus saved us. He Himself blocked the road [to stop the] militants in the form of a dust storm.”

We were unable to move forward,” he said. “We all got down from our cars and continue shooting through the dust storm.”

Then Jesus suddenly appeared in the dust storm. Haroon said His voice was so powerful that when he spoke, a strong wind literally swept them off their feet and blew their guns away. It a “terrible experience,” he said.

As they struggled to get up, they realized they couldn’t talk. Haroon said he was scared to death but, at the same time, felt peace—an experience that was totally new to him. The other members of his group said the same thing.

Haroon said Jesus then told them that he “came to the world not to destroy anyone, but to save.”

Go in peace,” Jesus told them, and He then disappeared along with the dust storm.

Haroon and 16 other members of the elite Islamist militant squad praised God after seeing and feeling His powerful presence. They eventually surrendered their lives to Jesus. They are now praying for the other two members of their group who still refuse to turn to Christ, Bibles4Mideast said.

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