Israel Accused Of Blasting Hospital However Videos From The Incident Raise Serious Questions About Who Really Did It

A Gaza civil defence chief said on Al-Jazeera television that more than 300 people were killed at Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital. A Gaza Health Ministry source said at least 500 people were killed. Both departments are under the Hamas-run government. Some reports claiming it’s 900+

For example, on its face, the reported death toll makes no sense. We are being asked to believe that in under an hour, Hamas was able to put out the fires, clear the rubble, and accurately count how many people died in the explosion. That is simply impossible, even as a close estimate.

The best governments in the world would take a week to figure out a preliminary number of dead in a situation like this, yet the claimed death toll went from 200 initially to 500 within a few minutes, and within an hour, Hamas was claiming 900 dead.

In perhaps the biggest news of the Israeli-Hamas war since the initial attacks on October 7th, claims are circulating that the Israeli Air Force bombed a hospital in Gaza. But like the claim that Israel bombed a highway some days ago that was debunked through video analysis, there appears to be more to this story.

Reports suggest that the mass casualty event at the Baptist Hospital in Gaza City was the result of a misfired rocket launch by Hamas. No IDF air activity was reported at the time and the timing coincided with a salvo of rockets launched at Israel.

Reminder: 30-40% of Hamas’ rockets misfire and land short in the Gaza Strip.

The video released by the IDF:

Here was the video of the explosion that most of the media is showing:

This is going to get out of hand. Neither side can be trusted in the propaganda war either. Would Hamas do this and blame Israel, yes. Would Israel deny they did this even if they had, yes. Even if there was overwhelming evidence, half wouldn’t believe it. This is the future.

But there is another piece of evidence here worth considering: The fact that Hamas was bragging on Telegram about firing a rocket on Haifa at the same time the explosion hit the hospital:

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