Famous Hollywood Actor Tweeted an OMINOUS THREAT to President Trump

Since losing the 2016 election, liberals have gone from crying to hissy fits, threats, and then a shooting, where a GOP congressman was nearly killed by a rabid anti-Trump “Bernie Bro.”

Since the Virginia shooting, celebrities have upped the hateful rhetoric, and have been “blowing dog whistles” for unhinged, angry, and low-info liberals who believe the fake news being pumped out of the lying liberal media.

Recently, B-list actor Johnny Depp issued an assassination threat to President Trump, and after backlash was forced to apologize.

We all should remember Kathy Griffen, who has now dropped off the face of the earth after she held up a bloody, decapitated head of Trump.

Next up, D-lister John Cusack, who is tweeting out dark images with death threats as a “message for Trump.”

Will the liberal entertainment industry and press give Cusack a free pass like they gave Depp?

Did they shun Kathy Griffen because she was a female but give males a free pass?

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Michelle M.

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