High School Student Suspended For Refusing to Leave Class During Anti-Gun Protest

A senior at Hilliard Davidson High School was suspended after he tried to stay apolitical during the National Walkout Day over gun violence.

Jacob Shoemaker who choose to remain in a classroom instead of joining protests or the alternative, going to study hall, said he didn’t want to take sides in the gun-control debate consuming the country.

Via Fox News: “If he went outside for the walkout, he said, he would be supporting gun control. If he stayed in the common area of the school, he said, he would be seen as supporting gun violence and disrespecting the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Fla. High school shooting the month before.

Jacob had met with the school’s principal on Tuesday, a day before the rally, for about an hour to find out what exactly the walkout was supporting. But he said the principal reportedly told him it was for the “students to express themselves.”

This left Jacob wondering if it was a memorial for the lives lost or a show of support for gun control.

Instead, he decided, to stay in class for about 20 minutes doing homework after his teacher and fellow classmates left and locked the door, but, when they returned, he received a suspension.



So we now punish the kids staying in school doing their homework? American education or rather indoctrination. It’s a shame to see how our system has fallen in world standing. Maybe they should just try teaching reading, writing, etc and not the morals of the left.

He protested in his own way by having a sit-in instead of a walk-out. The boy did nothing wrong here.

Unfortunately, these days students are being taught by liberals and having it coached to them, it’s ridiculous. Prior to the tragedy most of these kids did not even know what the NRA initials stood for. They are being coached by Libs for future elections. That is a crime!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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