This Brave Republican Goes On Live TV And Drop A Truth Bomb: To save lives and money, we must cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities (Video)

Marsha Blackburn is an American politician and former businesswoman. A member of the Republican Party, she represents southwest Tennessee’s 7th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. She also served as chair of Subcommittee on Communications and the Internet!

In October 2017, Blackburn announced that she will run for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Bob Corker in the 2018 Tennessee U.S. Senate election. And after what she said today I think she is a good position to win!

She said:
To save lives and money, we must cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities

From Fox News:

Sanctuary cities and states threaten public safety, cost taxpayers’ money and encourage lawlessness. Because of this, I have once again introduced the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal (CLEAR) Act, which cuts off federal funding for sanctuary cities and states that provide amnesty for criminal illegal aliens.

Liberals cheer sanctuary policies as compassionate, but the reality is far different. Ask the Steinle family.

Why are we protecting criminals who have already broken the law when they entered our country?

In addition to being less safe, sanctuary cities cost hard-working taxpayers money. A Feb. 2 piece in Forbes notes that $27 billion in federal funding was provided to over 100 sanctuary cities in 2016. It states that “the cost of lost federal funding for a family of four residing in one of the 106 sanctuary cities is $1,810 – or $454 per the cost of lost federal person.”

That money could be putting food on the table for struggling middle-class families. Where is the compassion for them? Fortunately, the Democratic Nashville Metro Council came to its senses last June and withdrew bills that would have made Nashville a “sanctuary.” The county sheriff said the legislation would have endangered the community.

We live in the United States of America, not the United States of the World. Time for liberals to step off the anti-American globalization stuff and start obeying and showing respect for the laws of our country.
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