Black Business Owner Filmed Crying After Looters Destroy The Sports Bar Where He Invested His Life Savings

Yesterday, shops were broken into and looted, and a police station in the city was set ablaze. Police used tear gas and even arrested a CNN reporter.

The situation is very serious, but the intention of some “protesters” or should I say, looters had nothing to do with the police brutality!

There was a video of one man down on the ground being treated by police outside of business last night. The man was reportedly shot after trying to loot a pawn shop.

Also it safe to say that they completely destroyed the city and especially the black neighborhoods!
To be precise they damaged or destroyed 130 businesses in Minneapolis this week.
A black business owner in Minneapolis wept on camera Friday after rioters destroyed his sports bar into which he had invested his life savings.

Video below:

A GoFundMe page was created and it’s called Scores Sports Bar Mpls Rebuild.

These people should be called a “mob of protestors”!They are anarchist criminals seizing on yet another opportunity to help themselves to the spoils of someone else hard work. This has nothing to do with “racism” and everything to do with an unbridled criminal assault on the citizens of Minnesota.

It seems the media puts a spotlight on stuff like this every election year. for 2016 that’s all we heard about was race, racism, and police brutality. Then after the election, it was nothing even though certain situations still happened. Black lives matter seemed to disappear from the planet for those four years.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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