Anarchy In Pelosi’s San Francisco – People Are Looting The Stores All Over The City

San Francisco used to be a beautiful place to visit or even live.
Democrats have run the state into a shit hole status!
Fentanyl and Heroin abuse, the numbers are frightening, but let’s worry about illegal immigrants.

While our mainstream media is focused on how President Trump is handling the “China” virus, Pelosi’s San Francisco is going down.

The streets of San Francisco look like a scene from a zombie movie.

People around the city are looting the stores amid the Coronavirus threat.

Video below:

In San Francisco, this isn’t anything new but with all this hysteria around the Coronavirus, sights of people looting the stores are happening regularly.

For looters in SF, it’s even easier to operate.

The Democrats in San Francisco have also made theft under $950 a misdemeanor & cops won’t even arrest you for the crime.

Not surprisingly, this has had very predictable results.

It turns out if you tell people they won’t get arrested for stealing, it’s like a free pass to go shopping.

The brazen acts of petty theft and shoplifting are a dangerous and all-too-common consequence of Proposition 47, a referendum passed five years ago that critics say effectively gives shoplifters and addicts the green light to commit crimes as long as the merchandise they steal or the drugs they take are less than $950 in value. The decision to downgrade theft of property valued below the arbitrary figure from a felony to a misdemeanor, together with selective enforcement that focuses on more “serious” crimes, has resulted in thieves knowing they can brazenly shoplift and merchants knowing the police will not respond to their complaints, say critics.

And the liberals want to run the country? Drain the swamp America wants it’s country back. How are good people able to feel safe living with lawlessness?
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Alex D.

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